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Our Mission Statement

The well-known and respected author C. S. Lewis wrote, “The human creature is programmed to have its biological needs met.”  That is indeed an integral part of who we are as human beings.  However, there is another level, the Spiritual one, where the rewards can be even greater.  This is the part of us as humans that finds great pleasure in giving and helping the less financially fortunate.  The Urban Renewal Education and Funding Group, Inc. (UREFG) Non-Profit Board of Directors believes that the ultimate goal of our non-profit is to 1) help the less fortunate, 2) recompense of all of its financial benefactors and, 3) earn its own operating costs.

Now is an ideal time to assist in the provision of work-force housing for income challenged citizens in our community.  The public sector is not able to meet the demand because of the scarcity of its own funds.  So what about government assistance?  True, some government programs can help provide some qualifying low income families with a grant for the down payment assistance and finance the balance for 30 years at lowest available rates.  However, government agencies estimate that they can serve only 60% of the families that apply for Federal, State and City housing subsidies due to lack of funds.  Many of these agencies offer pre-qualification programs that train and qualify first time home-buyers for that role.  These pre-qualified homebuyers will be the primary source of purchasers for our homes.

With all of that said, UREFG believes that now is the ideal time for a qualified non-profit entity, working with both the private sector and government agencies, to be empowered to bridge that affordable housing gap in local communities.  We, as a non-profit are in a position to both attract and financially reward socially conscious financial benefactors in this process in order to benefit all of the participants/recipients.

The primary emphasis of UREFG will be to target rehabilitation of existing houses because the cost is less and the results are quicker.  The UREFG leadership has established relationships with qualified private sector companies and skilled workers in the rehabilitation private sector who are now seeking employment opportunities. So, matching the rehabilitation needs with the proven private sector companies is a win-win situation for both parties.  UREFG plans to hire the under and un-employed for jobs to rebuild these homes to meet ENERGY EFFICIENCY CERTIFICATION STANDARDS.  A SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEM WILL BE INSTALLED IN EACH HOME ALONG WITH A SOLAR POWERED EXHAUST FAN FOR THE ATTIC.  It is estimated the average time to rehab a three bedroom, two bath 1,500 sq.ft. home will be six to eight weeks and that it will require approximately 850 man-hours of labor.  Our intention is to complete five homes per month within ten months which will RESULT IN THE EMPLOYMENT OF TWENTY OR MORE WORKERS.  The target recipients of the rehab homes are families whose incomes fall between 50% and 110% of the area median income.  FHA insured lenders and others have several homeownership programs available to encourage the purchase of housing by those families, which will complete the homeownership process.

Additionally, it is not enough to put these deserving families in new homes, but it is essential to support them with post-homebuyer education programs to prevent avoidable complications from arising.  UREFG will be able to coordinate appropriate post homebuyer counseling resources to empower these new homeowners to maintain both their economic and maintenance responsibilities, so they will be able to become successful homeowners. In addition to the THE 2-10 HOMEBUYER WARRANTY, UREFG will be installing a 24-hour hotline for immediate assistance for the new homeowner.

UREFG, an IRS designated section 501(c)3 non-profit entity, believes that by making these rehabilitations on our aging inner-city housing stock for resale without a significant payment shock, it will be able to definitely enhance the lifestyle of our target market, while rebuilding our local communities.  This goal can be accomplished through the proper strategic business alliance with private, socially conscious financial benefactors that want to invest in and improve their communities.